Car rental Saigon HCMC


Car rental Saigon HCMC Activities in Vietnam Dear Valued Customers!

Car rental Saigon HCMC

Please contact Car rental Saigon HCMC at 0824.921.921. We are always ready to serve you 24 hours and 7 days a week. Company is a unit with more than 10 years of experience in Viet Nam


Price List

Price List Car rental Saigon Hcmc
4 seater car 1.300.000 (VNĐ)
7 seater car 1.500.000 (VNĐ)
16 seater car 1.900.000 (VNĐ)
29 seater car 2.600.000 (VNĐ)
45 seater car 3.100.000 (VNĐ)


Car rental Saigon HCMC the most famous today

The most prestigious car rental service for individuals, families, businesses… by meeting the needs of transportation in all cases; Reasonable prices, many models, types with full colors and designs to serve different purposes.

A reputable car rental business ensures the factors that are always providing a sufficient number of vehicles and quality of service as committed. At the same time, the number of customers of the company has stabilized. The brand is verified by the car hirer and the media.

Car rental Saigon HCMC price

  • To choose a reputable, quality and cheap car rental company, you need to consult by contacting us directly. Customers need to call directly to receive a quote, not based on the price list on the website because it is only a reference price. The specificity of the tourist car rental service is to determine the exact date, time of the rental, the rental car line and the travel route to be able to quote the most accurate price. Therefore, you need to contact directly to discuss specifically and provide the tourist car rental unit with a detailed route to get the most optimal price to book a car.
  • Coming to the car rental service of 4 – 7 – 16 – 29 – 45 seats, cheap wedding car rental of Saigon Tourist Car Rental, you have many opportunities to receive a 10% discount card for those loyal customers if you rent a car at Ho Chi Minh City Tourist Car Rental next time. In addition, guests can also use water and cold towels for free during the trip.

How To Contact

Currently we have two fastest booking methods.

⇒ The first way you can download the application and directly book a car.

⇒ The second way is to directly contact the Call Center +84824921921 (Zalo And WhatsApp).

The method of booking a car is quick and easy, just contact the operating room to make an appointment. Our Car Rental car will be on time to pick you up. Commitment to collect money only when customers are satisfied with the quality of our services. The price list for car rental Saigon includes the cost of the car, petrol, tolls and driver but does not include 10% VAT.

Car rental Saigon HCMC is that good?

  • Our team of drivers are drivers with many years of experience, regular training and a long time in the transportation field. With our own experiences, our drivers have the ability to respond flexibly and sensitively to many different situations. The same professional style, on time, always ready to pick you up at any time.
  • Affordable price, cheapest saigon comes with best service. Make sure your experience is always the best.

Why should you choose car rental Saigon HCMC?

  • Always rent a tourist car with a driver with the cheapest car rental price today – with the best quality.
  • Always use a new car (for the past 2 years)
  • Always ensure the quality of the car – clean anytime, anywhere before and after picking up guests

Car rental Saigon HCMC sending thanks to customers

Thank you very much for helping us become the most prestigious Taxi in the market today.Car rental Saigon HCMC  could not have achieved these sweet fruits without you as our customers. Your satisfaction and trust is the driving force. Our belief to try harder and we promise to always deserve that position.

We, all staff of the Company  Travel Car Rental are determined to constantly try harder and better. improve professional qualifications, further improve service quality. Will always be the first thought of customers when choosing a means of transportation. Accept the sincere comments of customers to improve even more. We are always beside to listen and learn to create convenient and prestigious products and services


Ho Chi Minh City, also known by its popular old name Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam in terms of population and scale of urbanization. This is also the center of economy, politics, culture, entertainment and education in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is a centrally run city belonging to a special urban type of Vietnam along with the capital Hanoi. Located in the transition zone between the Southeast and the Southwest.

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