Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City


Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City Activities in Vietnam Dear Valued Customers!

Car Rental In Ho Chi Minh City

Please contact Cheap Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City at 0824.921.921. We are always ready to serve you 24 hours and 7 days a week. Company is a unit with more than 10 years of experience in Viet Nam


Price List

Price List Car Rental In Ho Chi Minh City
4 seater car 1.300.000 (VNĐ)
7 seater car 1.500.000 (VNĐ)
16 seater car 1.900.000 (VNĐ)
29 seater car 2.600.000 (VNĐ)
45 seater car 3.100.000 (VNĐ)


Always new car rental in Ho Chi Minh City

Always attract a large number of customers in the city area. Ho Chi Minh City and many customers who have rented cars are satisfied and highly appreciated. In order to meet the increasing demand for car rental of the people of Ho Chi Minh City, we have been investing to put into use the latest models of passenger cars today.

Reasons Why Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City Recommended?

  • Besides the beautiful design and reasonable price, an issue that the majority of customers are interested in is “How is the quality of Car Rental ?”. This is still the most concern when customers choose to rent a car for themselves.
  • With user-oriented quality, the customer experience comes first. The quality of our vehicles is committed to smooth, safe, and latest-generation operation.
  • In addition to service quality, price is one of the important factors that customers always consider carefully when they need to rent a car. Our customer care team is always dedicated to advise customers on the car models and types of vehicles that are suitable for your budget to save costs, but still ensure a comfortable journey.
  • Dress politely, have a serious attitude, support customers.
  • Drive carefully, do not accelerate, overtake, swerve, …
  • Pick up guests on time, at the right place, with the right number of cars,…

Understand and use Car Rental accurately and skillfully.
Know how to satisfy customers, support customers with all problems in the field of Car rental.

How To Contact

Currently we have two fastest booking methods.

⇒ The first way you can download the application and directly book a car.

⇒ The second way is to directly contact the Call Center +84824921921 (Zalo And WhatsApp).

Discounts When Coming To Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 20% discount for customers when ordering for the first time.
  • In addition, we always have regular promotions on important national anniversaries.
  • For customers who book a car for the first time and for the return trip, we offer a one-time promotion.
  • With us, you can cancel the trip when you have your own business. All free.
  • In addition, you will be promoted all road fees, airport entrance, parking, highway fees, …

Receiving Process

  • Based on customer information provided to customer service department.
  • The driver will contact the customer in advance to confirm, provide the license plate, confirm the pick-up time.
  • Move to the location to pick up customers, greet customers, open car doors for customers.
  • Assist customers with luggage.
  • Move to where the customer needs to go.


Thank you very much for helping us become the most prestigious Taxi in the market today. Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City could not have achieved these sweet fruits without you as our customers. Your satisfaction and trust is the driving force. Our belief to try harder and we promise to always deserve that position.

We, all staff of the Company  Travel Car Rental are determined to constantly try harder and better. improve professional qualifications, further improve service quality. Will always be the first thought of customers when choosing a means of transportation. Accept the sincere comments of customers to improve even more. We are always beside to listen and learn to create convenient and prestigious products and services

Car Rental in Ho Chi Minh City


Especially, Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the promotion of potentials, strengths and upholding the spirit of market demand and tireless efforts in promotion. Expanding investment attraction of district leaders, the picture of investment attraction in Ho Chi Minh City has had a positive change with many notable bright spots. Currently, the district has promoted calling for non-budget investment to promote socio-economic development through projects. This is a breakthrough step for Ho Chi Minh to grow strongly.

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